_DSC5554 - Version 2 I built my first bass in 2004 because I simply couldn’t find what I wanted from a production bass in terms of sound and aesthetics. From there, my bass building turned into a hobby, building basses for friends and family. At this point, it has evolved into a part-time business where I get to build a few basses each year. I have built basses for musicians locally and throughout the United States – even for a customer in the Philippines.

Starting with as little as a rough sketch and finishing with your dream bass, every aspect of JC Basses is handled by me. Turning your idea into reality, I put a considerable amount of effort into each design, ensuring the functionality of final product. There is a purpose for every straight line and smooth contour on my basses, this attention to detail is what makes each bass unique. It becomes very apparent with just one look at my basses, that this is my passion in life.

I build strictly custom basses, meaning I do not have specific models that I offer. I will build any shape and any wood combination you want. Feel free to send me an email or give me a call, I will do my best to answer any questions about my basses and how I build them.


Customer Testimonial

"The bass is incredible! It's everything that I could have hoped for. It plays like a dream.”

- Connor Camron